Saturday, 10 November 2007

The weekend

I need to take a rest today but the engine is looking a bit cleaner don't you think? and I've been checking out where all those pipes and cables go!

There's quite a bit lacking with the brakes, the front disks need to to be replaced, the callipers cleaned and painted - probably bright yellow - some new pads fitted then the pipework installed. Finally filled up with brake fluid, bled and tested. At that point, if I need to get it out of the garage I can stop it rolling off down the drive ;-)

It could also do with some steering! I'll need some bits from Dax for that so I can see a trip coming up. Nicola will have to come along otherwise I'll end up buying everything that's needed to finish it off.

Still considering the colour red or blue?

Other resources I've made available are the web cam and my selection of photos.

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