Saturday, 24 November 2007

24th November 2007

Finally done some damage to the Cobra and drilled some holes for the brake pipe holders, trouble is I can't a 6mm drill bit into some of them and I won't be able to when I reach the rear pipe clips down the inside of the chassis?

So if anyone knows how a drill a 6mm hole in the side of a chassis member with only a 5" gap?

I might end up enlarging the holes with a hand reamer !

Anyway I have some brake pipes in place and at least got the flexible pipes in and hos nasty twisty ones around the callipers.


Rob Bakker said...

Andi, you need some thing like this.

I love watching you build this car.
Wish I had the time to do that too.

Andi said...

Thanks Rob ;-) That looks good.