Saturday, 5 July 2008

Most of the plumbing is now in place. Just need a couple of adapters for the heater hose and then connect the pipes to the expansion tank. Once that's done we can fill up with water and see where it leaks ;-)

It is also ready for fuel and oil to be added so I'll be popping down the petrol station with a can later. Then a check for leaks again, but probably with the fire extinguisher on hand - just in case - BTW Tony Y, you're barred from this bit.

Whilst waiting for the final plumbing bits to arrive, I've started on the dashboard. It is just taped in place at the moment so I can cut away some of the body to fit the larger instruments, glove box and steering column.

I'm not sure about that gear knob, looks good on show, especially with it's eyes lit up.

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