Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Lots of little bits been going the last few days. Most of which can't be seen! Fuel vent pipe is now fitted through the body, bonnet strut mountings have been attached to the chassis, earth straps have been securely attached to the chassis.

What has taken such a long time is working out which hose goes where, what size it should be, how it is routed around the engine bay, where all the senders go for the instruments, which senders to use and the worst bit is what thread size has been used.

One example is the vacuum advance pipe. A 5mm pipe that goes between the distributor and the carburettor (small blue pipe on the left in the above picture), just replace the old one you'd think - oh no! there's two vacuum advance outlets (or are they inlets if it's sucking!). Hours later we arrive at the right web site, the right picture and all it does is label one "Timed Spark Source" whilst the other isn't labelled at all. I've used the other, and why? because the pipe now looks like it goes where other peoples vacuum pipes go.

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