Friday, 8 February 2008

8th February 2008

Now the back axle is in place I can get on with the most troublesome brake pipe, this one should, I thnk, go down the inside of the frame but due to the engine being in the way it's gone across the top. It's been a real trial, drilling pilot holes, 6mm holes and making sure the chaff doesn't get anywhere serious.

One of the worst things was getting to the offside rear brake calliper to attach the pipe. Whilst feeling for the bolt hole I found the end of the lock wire - quite sharp! No room either to get a spanner in so doing it was one flat at a time.

Finally with all pipes in place the brake pads are going in. Just the rears to do which I'm sure will be a problem due to lack of space but then we'll be onto brake fluid. At least now I know the front brake pistons move ;-)

Getting close to some expensive bits - exhausts, instruments and maybe some wheels. The next job though is the fuel tank and pipe, for which I am ready.

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